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Bucaneer is a volume dispensing system for calcium hypochlorite Applications range from food processing all the way through cent

Buccaneer SpecificationsPosted on 14 August 2011 by admin


Buccaneer Water Treatment System Specifications

The Buccaneer unit is designed to deliver HYPOCHLOR into larger volumes of water.The product is extremely versatile, and can be adapted to suit a large number of applications without the need for skilled supervision or maintenance. Buccaneer  Chlorinators are available in single or multiple units, and can also be used to deliver high concentrations of chlorine in more specialized applications.

Adjustment of Dosage:Adjust either water pressure and / or water flow rate into generator, or vary the number of refill cartridges
in the unit.
Power Source:Water flow. Depending upon application, it may be necessary to re-inject the chlorinated solution back into the water line via standard pressure pump.
Operating Water Flow
Unit is capable of feeding concentrated chlorine solution from 300 gallons to 2400 gallons/hour, depending upon requirement and type of application.
Concentrated Chlorine
to Main-Stream:
Range 1 ppm to 80 ppm stable chlorine concentrate, depending upon requirement and type of application.
Operating Water
15 psi to 60 psi at inlet, depending upon requirement and type of application.
Dosing Capability:One charge of 6 refill cartridges will dose 2,000,000 gallons to 1 ppm free chlorine.Chlorine residual readings will depend upon
chlorine demand of the untreated water.
Construction:Roto-moulded polythene with PVC pipework.
Dimensions: (without
to 42″
Weight of 6 refill cartridges: