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A wide range of water metering equipment

Sensus Metering Systems is a new name for one of the world's leading water metering solution providers with a 150-year history and a world-wide presence. The Group has evolved from the merger of a number of world renowned meter manufacturing companies in the USA, Germany, UK and France to offer unmatched choice, technology and quality for all water metering requirements.
Specifically the following products are offered from stock, though many other metering solutions for specialised applications are available to special order.
A budget meter of dry single jet type specifically designed for monitoring individual consumer demand from a centralised bulk utility supply, especially for apartment blocks, housing compounds and commercial buildings.
Features include dry dial design with 8-digit configuration reading to 1 litre and suitability for vertical and horizontal installation. Materials used are precision moulded plastic for the totalizer gears and casing and a brass body.
An ultra light and easy to handle piston type meter made from a super strong composite body that increases installation security. The tamper proof design assures accurate reading of water consumed and is resistant to water hammer.
A heavy-duty meter designed for water supply metering by utilities and other water providers who demand reliability, accuracy and consistency. The range is of dry dial multijet type with a protected magnetic transmission between the measuring element and the output display. The display is of 8-digit configuration reading to 1 litre and incorporates a rotating indicator disc to show the passage of water.
Special features to ensure reliability include a tubular pre-strainer, specially designed injection box for easy particle passage and sealed dry totalizer. Meter materials includes a brass body and precision moulded plastic metering and totalizer components with plastic totalizer casings for the 15 & 20 sizes and brass for the 30 & 40 sizes.
WP Range
A specially designed heavy-duty meter for bulk flow applications where reliability, accuracy and long life are demanded. The meter is of woltman type with protected magnetic transmission, IP68 copper/glass register and the output display has a 6-digit m3 readout with needle indicators for flow to 1litre. The meter body is constructed of heavy duty cast-iron with flanged connections and the measuring element and rotor of engineering plastic. All WP meters are pre-equipped for remote reading and data logging applications (flow rate, pressure, etc).