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The Dayliff SF range of Water Softeners are ion exchange type softeners for the removal of hardness in water. The units have bee

  • Three model range with capacities of 1, 6 and 15 m /hr with higher capacities being available using paired units. The compact SF300 model features the resin vessel mounted inside the brine tank while the larger SF600 & 900 models are supplied with a separate brine tank.

  • Technology leading GE Osmonics Autotrol electronic control valves providing fully automatic process control and volumetric regeneration.

  • Tried and tested Dayliff CXD non-corroding GRP resin vessels featuring practical clamp-retained access covers, high efficiencyunder-drains and diffusers and high pressure capacity. The two larger models are fitted with side mount covers for resin access.

  • High performance Dow Resin with enhanced exchange capacity and increased life.

  • Generously sized brine tanks with all necessary fittings for reliable regeneration