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Manifold Collector
Solar Thermal


A solar collector heating the water which is stored in a close coupled tank, the process being facilitated by 'thermosyphon'

The advantages of solar heated hot water systems, especially in Africa's equatorial climates, are widely acknowledged - considerable energy cost savings and abundant hot water as well as associated environmental benefits. The principal is well established, a solar collector heating the water which is stored in a close coupled tank, the process being facilitated by the 'thermosyphon' principle which provides natural water circulation. Using this tried and tested principle Dayliff SW Solar Water systems have been engineered using a combination of carefully matched imported and locally manufactured components. The result is a high specification, high quality product that provides dependable and efficient water heating, particular features including:

  • Available in both Direct and Indirect heating configurations. Indirect heaters feature a separated flow of pure water through the collector and are suitable for mineralised and brackish water.
  • High efficiency solar collectors sourced from Ezinc, one of the world's largest manufacturers, which incorporate full area copper absorption plates ultrasonically welded to copper circulation tubes, advanced specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%.
  • Long life hot water storage tanks including resin insulated GRP casing for indefinite life, heavy duty galvanised steel cylinder internally piped to optimise hot water availability and a built in electric booster.
  • Galvanised steel mounting frame and supplied complete with all fittings including air bleed and pressure release valve for simple installation.

Dayliff Solar Water systems use available in various tank sizes and collector configurations to suit most domestic and small scale institutional applications. They are effective and robust products designed to give many years of trouble free operation, the benefits of assured Davis & Shirtliff quality, advanced design and high specification components in an economical and efficient package providing an unbeatable solution for all hot water heating requirements. 



1)Standard output systems (S Models) should be used in hot locations and hig h output systems (L Models) in more temperate ones. However hot water availability wil l vary th roug hout the yea r depending on prevailing irradiation levels and electric boosters may b necessary on cooler days..

2)Maximum heating output is based on average irradiation levels of 6000W/m /day prevailing in September - March and minimum

Heating output is based on average irradiation levels of 4000W/m /day prevailing in June/July and are for indicative purposes on


Water Quality: Water outside the following limits should be appropriately pre -treated:
Clarity: clear, TDS: <600mg/l, Hardness: <200mg/l CaCo 3,
Saturation Index: >0.8<1 .0,

Test Pressure: Tank - 5Bar , Collector -14Bar
Max Operating Pressure - 3 .5 Bar
Max Flow Rate - 2m/hr